We serve all of the UK

Discreet & Effective CPO & Bodyguards 

Due to the increasing trend targeting high-net-worth individuals, sportsmen, VIPs, celebrities, and company executives, there has been a surge in the demand for close protection security services - also known as bodyguards or bodyguarding.

Our Close Protection Officers (CPOs) can operate discreetly or as a visible force to suit your requirements. CPOs are experienced bodyguards, trained in logistical planning for movement, crisis management, risk mitigation, and emergency coordination. They provide the utmost discretion for all close protection individuals and groups

Complete Bodyguard Services 

We offer a comprehensive close protection service that can include the following bodyguarding skills where necessary:

  • Medically trained (Paramedic Level)
  • Male or Female CPOs
  • Multilingual bodyguarding officers
  • Experienced in hostile environments
  • Fully capable of working individually or as part of a team
  • Highly trained in effective surveillance
  • Executive drivers trained in defensive driving techniques
  • Able to offer full physical protection or to act as a deterrent.

All our CPOs are carefully vetted, properly qualified, and authorized to lawfully undertake a diverse range of protection services and bodyguarding.