Construction Site Security



We put safety at the height of importance. It is a requirement that all guards in our construction division hold an SIA License. Furthermore, Safe Work Method Statements are completed for every project and implemented onsite before services commence.
Our management team has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry and provides security services to a variety of industries one being the construction industry. Through our industry background and experience, we have devised the best systems and procedures for managing security officers conducting services on construction sites.
We have several patrol vehicles on the road that provide random checks of staff onsite as well as responding quickly to alarms.
We are committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected.
All of our construction security guards carry accredited licenses to work in construction security.
A lot of time is placed into training our employees for the construction sector. As we know, theft can be quite big in the construction industry as a lot of tools and equipment can be very expensive. Our security guards are placed on site to cover insurance purposes and the assets of the customer. Our highly trained security guards make sure whilst on site, that the site is safe and secure.
Construction security guards do continuous foot patrols internally and externally of the site. Paying attention to tools is a very important part of the construction industry, even though our security guards have received training to work on-site, they also receive additional training according to the site.
Construction Site Security Services
Some of the duties of security guards on construction sites consist of:
Signing contractors in and out;
Record visitor contractors and cross-reference with the site foreman/supervisor for approval to conduct work;
Gate House Security to monitor staff and visitors' access including vehicle checks;
Delivery handling;
Promote Health and Safety on site;
Mobile Patrols;
Theft and vandalism reduction;
Safety Tracking for onsite staff;
Internal and external foot patrols;
Daily occurrences logged down;
First AID;
Traffic control;
Log on and off contractors' attendance time and leave time;
With expensive equipment, tools, and materials often left unattended, construction sites make the perfect opportunity, not only for thieves and vandals but also make for a hazardous danger zone for unsuspecting children who simply see your site as a playground. By choosing us you can relax safe in the knowledge that you have done what you need to do to keep your site safe so that your expensive materials and machinery will not be damaged or taken from the site.