VIP Security Services can provide professional corporate security staff to support our clients’ operations or provide a complete standalone solution.

The standard of staff for corporate security is higher and this is also reflected in the wages we pay. Staff deployed on corporate services is dressed appropriately according to the client’s requirements.

We offer carefully tailored solutions that are developed around a strong understanding of the business requirements and culture of your company. When it comes to commercial and corporate building security, we will ensure the safety of your assets through our most highly trained, experienced and vetted security personnel

We fully understand the demands of having premier corporate security maintained in the modern world, which is why many of our services offer the complete package to cover all aspects that our clients are looking for. Everything you would expect to see from a leading corporate security company is offered from manned guarding to search procedures and customer service. Our corporate security solutions can be tailored to how you need them, so if there are any requirements you can’t see listed here or you want to know more about, our team are happy to discuss in further detail.

Feel free to contact us to get our experienced mobile corporate security or to see how we can help your needs