Enjoy worry-free departures knowing your home will be safe while you are away.

Close the door behind you with total peace of mind that you are leaving your home safe in the hands of a professional team who can keep the place in check. House Checks can be tailored to include whatever you, or your insurance company, need. Plus, we’ll keep you posted wherever you are in the world.



How do house checks work?


Bespoke service

Tell us what you need us to do in your absence: flush the loo, switch around the lighting, pick up the post. Of course, we’ll check the place is safe and secure.


Random checks

Checks are conducted regularly but at different times to keep intruders on their toes. Security breaches are dealt with swiftly and professionally, keeping you in the loop.


Regular updates

Our reports will let you know where we’ve been and what we found so you can relax.


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