VIP protection services and Patrol Services

Our remote guarding option can be far more cost effective than a permanent guard or patrol


Remote Guarding

Utilise specialist CCTV systems to monitor your property night and day


our specialist provider of electronic security systems, we can provide an integrated remote guarding solution for customers across the UK


Through the modification of the existing CCTV systems or the installation of a new camera system our Security Officers can remotely access and monitor our customer's CCTV system in real time, providing an audible 'challenge' in the event of an intrusion.


Identify threats in real-time

Remote monitoring provides the upper-hand to identify loitering, intrusion or vandalism

Whether you are an industrial, commercial or residential customer  across the UK, our remote guarding option allows for regular patrols of the building or its perimeter to be conducted remotely. This provides the opportunity to identify persons loitering or acting suspiciously in real time and can prevent unnecessary or further damage.